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Fortuna Group was founded in April of 1973 in Brazil, in the city of Curitiba, Paran√°. It's a family company whose purpose is working in an import and export business, exchanging products between Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil. In 2000, a subsidiary was opened in Bolivia, "Fortuna Import & Export", with the purpose of marketing and supplying food to the country's largest supermarket chains.

In 2017, a US subsidiary "Fortuna Group Trade Corp" was opened. Its goal is to market and supply Royal Quinoa products and grains to the country's largest supermarket chains and food facilities. Since then, we are continuously expanding with products such as automotive products, health products and natural energizing products.



Droga Teste

Rapid Tests

4Life Grains

Royal Quinoa

Boom. Energy


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Fortuna Group Trade Corp.
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